Amazing Advantages and Disappointing Disadvantages of Online Shopping

With an ever-lasting overabundance of online retailers, we are all turning to the online shopping world to browse and purchase items. Primarily because of the obvious reasons; that there is more variety and that it’s easily accessible (we all have our lazy days where we just want to sit in the same spot on the sofa and not get up). However, there are several other advantages that don’t even cross our minds. And, of course with advantages come disadvantages, that need to be considered, so that we don’t encounter some frustrating issues after our purchases. Here are the most vital advantages and disadvantages:

The Most Amazing Advantages

Lower Prices All the Time

  • One of the great things about online shopping (possibly the greatest) is that we are given an infinite number of options for lower prices. This is because online retailers are exempt of or are liable to pay low overhead charges, as they do not have to pay ridiculous amounts of fees to rent a spot on the busiest part of the high-street.
  • We also get access to websites that compare prices over several online retailers for the same product, which means that we will never be too short of a bargain. An added bonus, is that 85% of the time, online retailers will offer to send your items with no shipping charges. So, by shopping online not only will you save on gas, as you won’t have to drive all the way around town to locate the item you’re looking for, but you’ll also be relieved from any extra charges.
  • If you have a look at your receipt after you have purchased an item in a physical store, you will most probably notice that you will have been charged a hidden tax fee, (a fee that is imposed onto stores by the government). However, most online retailers are exempt of this charge, and so you’ll be able to purchase your items for an even lower fee.

No Time Restrictions

  • We all have those nights where it’s almost impossible for us to fall asleep, we toss and turn in bed and then when we finally realise that sleep has escaped us, we flip open our laptop. And that is a time we may prefer to get shopping, because the online retailers never close.

You’ll get Better Answers for your Questions

  • Regardless of whether you are buying a product in a physical store or purchasing online, it’s always best to ask those questions that are putting you in doubt about whether to purchase the item or not. You’ll notice that in physical stores, customer service assistants that you approach will 9 times out of 10, not know the specific details of the item you’re purchasing. However, online sales representatives will be more knowledgeable about each product as they generally receive much more in-depth training.

Of course, like everything else online shopping is not entirely all bliss and it also comes with its’ problems.

The Most Disappointing Disadvantages

What You See Might Not Always Be What You Buy

  • One of the main issues of shopping online is that you don’t have the opportunity to see and feel the product that you desire to purchase. You probably would have heard from news on fluffy magazines that the photo that is uploaded on the retailers’ site, might not always match the one that you receive. So, to guarantee that the product you order matches the one you receive you may prefer to shop at more well-known retailers.

Help May Be Delayed

  • You will also most definitely have those times where once you receive your product, you realise that there’s something wrong with it; a piece may be missing, it may be damaged or it may not even be working. You’ll send an email immediately, but will wait weeks on end to receive a reply. This is when you’d be wishing that you had shopped in a physical store, where everyone will be trying to help you, to keep you as a loyal customer.

Late Deliveries

  • Lastly, the most frustrating issue, especially when the product you’ve ordered is a gift and you’re on a strict deadline: late deliveries. Online retailers will always provide you with an estimated delivery date, however sometimes its’ not in their hands to keep their promises and items may be delivered after the date you are expecting it to. So, its’ best to not rely entirely on those delivery dates and instead to place the order a month in advance to guarantee that you’ll have it by the desired day.

So, depending on the type of item you’re willing to buy and the time restraint that you have, you may want to weigh your options, to avoid prolonged headaches. And make sure you shop safely and wisely.